Updating altell towers

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Updating altell towers

A 32-bed permit originally issued to New Life in 1976 was revoked in May 2015.

It was sent by certified mail and no one was around to sign for it, according to the city.

Although Verizon acquired the bulk of Alltel’s national customer base, the federal government ordered Verizon to sell off its future Alltel customers in communities where the company would likely be the overwhelmingly dominant player.

The transition from Alltel to AT&T would be a bumpy one because the two companies use different wireless technologies, meaning every customer would have to be provided with a new phone.

Of course, they are going to make you pay for that privilege, because that’s how wireless carriers operate – they take nice things away only to make you pay extra for them later.

The news comes out of , who says that the option will arrive November 3 and cost you per month.

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Prepaid customers were less lucky — they only received discounts off new phones.

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  1. It's funny to read that so many get so concerned about NYLONS, I have come to the conclusion that they are the one with some "FIX" or FETISH...